[kde-linux] Can OOWriter be a Kmail Composer?

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at kde.nl
Sat Jul 7 10:21:50 UTC 2007

Op vrijdag 06 juli 2007, schreef Frank K:
> Anyone using a word processor as an external Kmail editor? Help shows
> how to set up vim as an external text editor.  I like the
> autocompletions, autocaps, etc of a word processor for HTML composition.
> My OOWriter setup either comes up with an initial format error or
> doesn't return the composition to Kmail. It seems close to working.
> Should this work?
> Frank K

AFAIK, you can only use plain text editors for composing mails externally.

Kind regards,

Bram Schoenmakers
KDE Netherlands (www.kde.nl)

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