[kde-linux] Exporting mails from kmail

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 7 08:55:45 UTC 2007

On Saturday 07 July 2007 03:11:36 John Andersen wrote:
> On Friday 06 July 2007, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I wouldn't recommend running the imap server on your own computer,
> > although it's quite possible.  The mail clients sometimes do weird things
> > in that situation.
> Not if you configure them properly to contact the mail server (on the same
> machine) via tcp.  In fact you have to go out of your way to hork it up.
> I've done this many times.  (Cyrus  only).

Could you expand on that?  I don't normally need it, but I'm a big believer in 
covering as many situations as possible - just in case :-)

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