[kde-linux] What's "skim"?

Philipp Paul bobbor.pap at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 5 08:49:59 UTC 2007

i while ago i played around a little and i came to play with scim.. 
as far as i have used it, it's for writing asian characters.. i guess 
especially japanese... 
so, since it's common in Japan to use 3 different charakter-sets (hiragana, 
katakana, kanji) plus the latin one, it makes it possible to switch between 
these sets, while writing some jap. text.. (of course as far as your able to)

and an "input method" is the method of writing characters, that are non 
latin "A to Z" chars, like the japanese "ka" or the greek "phi"...

the world got a lot of interessting and fascinating languages plus their 
alphabets to offer and input methods give you the possibility to use them 

hope that helped
On Thursday 05 July 2007 09:40:46 Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> There are some wonderful people on earth that make it possible to explain
> something so as to make sure no one understands.
> I've recently noticed that when I looked for kicker applets there was a
> "skim" applet proposed for installation. I wondered what it was. So  I
> googled a little and found that extraordinary piece of information:
> Description:
> skim is an input method platform based upon scim-lib under *NIX systems
> (including GNU/Linux and FreeBSD) systems optimized for KDE. It provides a
> GUI panel (named scim-panel-kde), a KConfig config module and SetupUIs for
> itself and scim-lib. It also has its own plugin systems which support
> on-demand loadable actions.
> When you've read this, you know *nothing* more about that stuff. Better
> even, I googled for "scim" and found just the same sort of useless
> definition.
> So: could anyone tell me where I can find an explanation as to what the
> hell this scim/skim is supposed to be used for? What's an "input method"?
> Thierry
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