[kde-linux] konsole PATH and LDLIB settings

Rod Butcher rbutcher at hyenainternet.com
Wed Jul 4 12:44:51 UTC 2007

I want to have differen t versions of konsole that I can run with
different environment variables e.g. I want one konsole to run with PATH
and LD_LIBRARY_PATH = abcdef and another with PATH=vwxyz.

I can get kon sole to load with other environmental varaiables preset
(e.g. MACHTYPE) by using a wrapper script to execute the different
versions of konsole i.e. export shell variables and then load konsole.
But konsole always takes PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH from my login

 Of course I can easily change this after konsole loads by entering
export PATH= etc but I want to automate this. How to do it ?

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