[kde-linux] Suspend on Dell D620 with KDE 3.3

John Andersen jsa at pen.homeip.net
Mon Jan 29 22:04:08 UTC 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007, Collot Johann wrote:
>    Hello ,
>  My newly acquired Dell latitude D620 laptop runs under SLC4.4 
>  (Beryllium) and  KDE 3.3. 
>  I'd like to use the suspend mode available in Klaptop for instance ,
>  to avoid to shut down and reboot my laptop everytime that
>  I move. 
>   But nothing happens when I click on suspend in Klaptop (save-to-RAM 
>   state). 
>   Does anyone have a hint to help me to solve this problem ? 
>  Thanks in advance ... Johann Collot

There are two suspend modes, suspend to disk and suspend to ram.
The first almost always works as long as your swap space equals
or exceeds your actual memory.  The latter is still problematic but
I have gotten it to work on a Dell 9400.

I have also gotten the Fn-F1 on keyboard to work.  I don't remember
how id did this or if I did anything at all to make it work.
(OpenSuse 10.2).  Kpowersave also has a suspend to disk feature
that works fine.

John Andersen
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