[kde-linux] Shutting down just goes to login screen (was Re: KDE)

Dale dalek at exceedtech.net
Wed Jan 24 10:27:29 UTC 2007

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 January 2007 08:19, david wrote:
>> I've already tried it. I find the threaded view useless, since the
>> moment I do anything like sort by date, the threaded view is turned off.
>> Sorry, I'm not going to waste my time for a week on this.
> Your choice.  You have been told what regular list readers need, and why.  If 
> it is too much trouble to start a new thread correctly, then we are of no 
> importance to you.  In that case, don't expect too much sympathy when you 
> need something.
> Anne
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I think I just said about the same thing.  I didn't see this before I
sent it. 


:-)  :-)  :-)


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