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John Andersen jsa at pen.homeip.net
Tue Jan 23 08:58:32 UTC 2007

On Monday 22 January 2007 23:51, Eng Vannak wrote:
> បានសរសេរ Esben Mose Hansen:
> > On Tuesday 23 January 2007 04:26, Eng Vannak wrote:
> >> ???????? Heinz Prekel:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> there is problem happen to my computer. it is that i can not shutdown my
> >> pc. when i shut it down it just stuck at the login screen. anybody has
> >> idea? ___________________________________________________
> >
> > Most likely, ACPI is disabled. You could check /boot/grub/menu.lst for
> > any acpi=off. If this is the case, try editing the boot line at boot
> > menu, removing the acpi=off. If your computer boots, it should be able to
> > shutdown, too.
> >
> > DO NOT REMOVE THE acpi=off FROM YOUR menu.lst without testing first.
> >
> > Oh, and it is considered good form to ask a question by starting a new
> > thread :)
> thanks

Actually I doubt this is an acpi issue.

I would press ctrl-alt-f10 while its shutting down and watch
the console.    Sometimes this is ctrl-alt-f12, varies by distro.

You may well see a kernel panic on that screen
as it tries to unload some modules.  If so, you just need to
find the setting in your distro where you tell it modules not
to unload upon exit.

It is also not uncommon for dual processor machines to go
to init 0 (stopped state) but fail to power down because one
processor is not sure the other is done.

There are many GOOD reasons acpi was put in modern motherboards, and
turning it off usually means several things stop working.  It is almost
never wise to turn off acpi unless you have a known to be defective

John Andersen
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