[kde-linux] key board problems: de --> us

Hellmut Weber mail at hellmutweber.de
Mon Jan 15 15:35:29 UTC 2007

I'm using KDE-3.5.5 with my IBM T60 on a gentoo-Linux.

In Kcontrol I have configured my keyboard as german which mostly works
fine ;-)

Sometimes - but don't aks me when - the keyboard behaves as american!
Sometimes (again!) it helps to switch to american keyboard (clicking on
the german flag such that the american flag appears, and then again
clicking on the american flag such that the german flag reappears.
Ohter times this does not help and I have to reboot. May be it would be
sufficient ony to restart the X server? Didn't consider this before.

Any ideas what's happening?
Every hint will be appreciatetd, since this behaviour quite annoying ,-(



Dr. Hellmut Weber
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