[kde-linux] Kopete video

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Tue Jan 2 21:55:55 UTC 2007

Not to hijack this thread or anything :-}, but I just had some questions
about Kopete video myself recently... I'm trying to use it to connect
via MSN with someone, and exchange webcam.  I can't seem to get it to
work.  Nothing ever shows up.  Kopete recognizes my camera - it shows
when I look at the device settings.  And when I try to send or receive
webcam, my other party and I receive the dialogs saying something like
"someone is asking you to receive their webcam, do you accept?"

Yet in spite of all the positive signs, no webcam image ever appears.
All we get is the usual chat interface. I should point out that the
other guy is using MSN Messenger on Windows XP.

Anyone have some hints about this situation?


p.s. Sorry for not having any advice for OP :-}

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