[kde-linux] Kopete video

Keith Powell keith at keithg4jvx.force9.co.uk
Mon Jan 1 10:58:45 UTC 2007

When I start Kopete, my Logitech Quick Cam Chat's picture is *very* 
dark. I can only just see me moving around.

So, I go to settings->configure->devices->controls. If I slightly move 
the "brightness" control, the picture becomes very over-exposed and, 
consequently, looks 'washed out'. Move the brightness control very 
slightly again, and the picture loses its over-exposed look and 
becomes normal and perfectly useable. A slight adjustment of the 
other controls, makes the picture excellent. Press Apply and OK to 
save the settings and use the webcam.

Unfortunately, the next time I boot the computer and run the camera, 
the settings have gone, and it is very dark again. So I have to 
repeat adjusting the brightness control and setting the camera up 
again. I there a way of making it remember the settings?

I am using the mxhaard gspcav1-20061216 driver. I have tried other 
drivers, but this is the only one which will make my web cam work.

I have tried it in four Linux distros, and have the same problem in 
them all. Also, it's only with Kopete, which is the program I like 
the best! I need to use the MSN protocol.

Please could anyone offer any advice?

Very many thanks


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