[kde-linux] How Save Konsole Shell Schema

Del Hanson del.hanson at us.army.mil
Tue Sep 26 15:08:18 UTC 2006

I'm running Red Hat Enterprise 4 using KDE shell.  I have set the font 
and background color in a Konsole Shell window and saved it as a schema 
and saved it as my default.  Any other Konsole shell window I open 
during the current login session comes with my schema.  However, when I 
log out and log back in the Konsole shell window comes up with the 
system default background color and font.  This happens whether or not I 
select the "save current settings" on log out.  The Konsole shell window 
also forgets the directory I was at in each shell window. How do I get 
the Konsole shells ot remember my schema and the directories I left them 
in, so, when I log back in, I'm right where I was before I logged out?

       -- Del

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