[kde-linux] kmail - receiving mail with sbcglobal yahoo

Pollywog linux-kde at shadypond.com
Fri Sep 22 15:11:08 UTC 2006

Until about two weeks ago, I was an ATT Yahoo DSL customer.  I went to another 
ISP and in some ways went from bad to worse.

I did not have problems getting mail though,  In kmail, make sure you have 
kmail check for the authentication methods used by the server.  IIRC it is 
plaintext without TLS or SSL and apparently you are aware that you have to 
use username at sbcglobal.net and that you need to authenticate to connect to 
the mail server.

You might try starting with a new ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail by renaming the 
current file.  The other thing is not to use the spam filtering in kmail, 
because I have problems with that and it can prevent mail from being 
received, if you get lots of SPAM.  I use Procmail for that instead.

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