[kde-linux] Kmail suggestions

Rick cms01 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Sep 21 14:50:48 UTC 2006

On Thursday 21 September 2006 5:52 am, Kevin Krammer wrote:

> > 1: Local Backups via KMail. ( be able to backup to another hard drive, or
> > other media.
> Hmm, you can always create an archive of your mail directory

Did that, but it would not expand correctly being that its over 2.5GB

> > 2. Export Messags, (as single text files with subject header as file
> > name.
> File -> Save As or Save As in the message's context menu

Nope, its more like select 3 messages or 50 messages, and they will be 
exported as pure single text messages with full header info, to desktop or 

> > 3. I know the messages are in maildir format, however, if KMail could
> > use sqlite 3 database as its backend, (plus) with #1 &  #2 this would be
> > very good, plus the blazing speed of sqlite db.
> >
> > 3a. then doing complex search strings threw 700,000 messages, would take
> > seconds.... be able to do reports... export out database via  report
> > editor.
> The PIM infrastructure for KDE4 will, if I understood correctly, have an
> abstraction of the actual storage, so I guess it will be possible to
> implement it with a database backend.

Hmm, that should be nice, if it would just create a sqlite 3 database already 
hookend (backend) without the user knowing it. then all emails would be 
stored in sqlite 3 (even photo) & attachments using the blog field.

Then the speed would of searching and loading would be very very (VERY) fast.

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