[kde-linux] Can't login "unable to write to /tmp: xsession may exit with error"

22tango at kitcarson.net 22tango at kitcarson.net
Mon Sep 18 23:06:25 UTC 2006

This is really frustrating.  I have had this happen once before and I had
to reinstall because I found no solution to the problem.  Anyway,  I
recently edited my xorg.conf file and which rendered my machine unbootable
except in recovery mode where I found the problem.  I did :
#dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg which replaced my old xorg.conf with
a new one.  That worked.  I then edited the backup xorg.conf file to
correct a mistake and saved it as xorg.conf.  Then I get the error:
unable to write to /tmp xsession may exit with error.  Which it does and I
am back to login screen where I then login to failsafe mode and get same
error but I get to a shell at least.  But before the shell I get "there
was an error setting up interprocess communications for KDE.  The message
returned was "could not read the network connection list. Make sure
DCOPserver is running".

I have searched and posted to kubuntuforums and linux questions and
googled this problem but cannot find a working solution.

I really need help with this.  I don't want to reinstall again.

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