[kde-linux] Loss of start menu

Little Brave Tecumseh69 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 01:29:47 UTC 2006

Mark Ness wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> For some reason, the programs installed on my computer no longer show 
>> up under the applications icon in the tool bar.  I guess this would be 
>> KDE's equivalent to the Start Menu icon in Windows.  Did I mistakenly 
>> check some option that I am not aware of?  I can not figure out out to 
>> get the programs to reappear.  Currently, I can run only the programs 
>> that I alread had an icon on my desktop for and the ones that I can 
>> invoke via command line.  Any suggestions on what I did and how to 
>> correct it would be appreciated.
>> I am not sure what version of KDE I have as I am at work and of 
>> course, we use Micro$oft stuff here.
>> Michael
>> --
> You can try kbuildsycoca (this is a terminal/console command).
> You can also rightclick on the kmenu and choose edit menu and see if you 
> can add back the missing apps. If the menu editor doesn't open try 
> kmenuedit in a console.
> Have you done any updates lately?
> KDE updates usually temporarily screw up my menus but kbuildsycoca 
> usually takes care of it. Restarting the desktop usually does the trick 
> too but kbuilsycoca is a little quicker. (Running Fedora 5 here, your 
> mileage may vary)

I had the same problem, and yes, it was right after an 'upgrade.'  When
I type in kbuildsycoca, I get the following lines:

Warning: kbuildsycoa is unable to register with DCOP.
kbuidsycoca running...
kbuidsycoca running...
Reusing existing ksycoca
kbuidsycoca: WARNING: Load error ()
KWrited - Listening on Device /dev/pts/4
kded: Launching previous backup analyse.

Then, it goes back to the command prompt.  Still no menu :(

Any ideas?  Anyone . . . Anyone . . . Bueller?


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