[kde-linux] Loss of start menu

Mark Ness mark at noneinc.us
Wed Nov 29 02:26:06 UTC 2006

Michael wrote:
> For some reason, the programs installed on my computer no longer show 
> up under the applications icon in the tool bar.  I guess this would be 
> KDE's equivalent to the Start Menu icon in Windows.  Did I mistakenly 
> check some option that I am not aware of?  I can not figure out out to 
> get the programs to reappear.  Currently, I can run only the programs 
> that I alread had an icon on my desktop for and the ones that I can 
> invoke via command line.  Any suggestions on what I did and how to 
> correct it would be appreciated.
> I am not sure what version of KDE I have as I am at work and of 
> course, we use Micro$oft stuff here.
> Michael
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You may want to wait for other advice as I am more of a lurker than 
responder to this list

You can try kbuildsycoca (this is a terminal/console command).
You can also rightclick on the kmenu and choose edit menu and see if you 
can add back the missing apps. If the menu editor doesn't open try 
kmenuedit in a console.

Have you done any updates lately?
KDE updates usually temporarily screw up my menus but kbuildsycoca 
usually takes care of it. Restarting the desktop usually does the trick 
too but kbuilsycoca is a little quicker. (Running Fedora 5 here, your 
mileage may vary)

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