[kde-linux] Starting ssh at log-in

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Nov 23 18:53:59 UTC 2006

On Thursday 23 November 2006 12:27, Boyan Tabakov wrote:
> Hi again,
> There are two things that I would like to point out.
> First, if you use password caching anyway, it is only the first time you
> are prompted for the password. Then the alternative of typing just 'y'
> rather that the hole password lacks only in the event of someone else
> starting YOUR KDE session, which is already a security hole (Even in the
> family you don't share linux users, do you? There is no reason to do
> so...:) ).
> Second, even if you do type your password the first time, you said in some
> previous post that your konsole flicks on the screen and then exits. This
> could mean two things (at leas I can think of two right now)
>  a) Your password is retrieved from elsewhere (something like .netrc file
> perhaps?) or a defferent authentication method is used.
>  b) Your backup script fails to prompt for the password and exits
> prematurely, causing your konsole to exit too, because it is started with
> the backup script to run rather than a shell.
> You can determine what is happening by running your script manually, trying
> to run konsole automatically with some other command to execute for
> testing, monitoring on the remote server if the backup is successful, etc.
> By the way, my console gets messy in the way you described (transparency,
> keys not responding etc.) when I try to run a konsole set up with
> transparent background with X forwarding.
> I think you have pretty much options on how to do what you want, you simply
> need to pick up one! And, yes, I know this could be the hardest part:) So
> good luck again...

Thanks for all the help.  I'll think over what you've said, and experiment.

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