[kde-linux] Starting ssh at log-in

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Nov 21 19:40:50 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 10:58, Boyan Tabakov wrote:
> Well then, it sounds to me that a saved konsole session (I mean a session
> settings for konsole itself and not a kde session) should do the job for
> you.
> Launch Konsole, go to Settings->Configure Konsole->Session Tab and create a
> new session with the Execute field containing the invocation of your
> script, e.g. 'ssh user at host some-command'
> Save the session and then in ~/.kde/Autostart add the following script:
> #!/bin/bash
> konsole --type 'My Saved Session Name'
Fell at the first fence.  I can see how to edit a session, but on the Session 
tab I can only see how to save a session or remove it, not how to create a 
new one.

> If you don't want to save a special session for that, you can skip that
> step and just have the script:
> #!/bin/bash
> konsole -e 'your command goes here'
> This should open a konsole window and execute what you need each time you
> start KDE.

I tried this method also, and the result was most unexpected.  It appeared to 
open a konsole very briefly then close it.  When I opened the console again 
it was totally transparent, but moving it moved the contents with it.  Copy, 
paste and up-arrow on the command line didn't work in it either.  Opening a 
new shell in another tab brought up a normal console.  I then tried the 
backup script and it ran without asking for the password, so I presume that 
giving the command in the Autostart script had actually done the job, but it 
hadn't requested the password.  I don't like anything taking total command 
like this.  Once I've given the password I'm happy for gpg-agent and keychain 
to manage them for my convenience, but I don't want it to happen without my 

Clearly I have to think more about this.

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