[kde-linux] Starting ssh at log-in

Andrew Walbran qwandor at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 19:13:06 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 7:43 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> Hi, Boyan.  Yes, this is a ssh password to enable my work directory to be
> rsync-ed onto another box.keychain caches it, so that when cron calls for
> it I don't have to be present to give it - the rsync can happen
> automatically.
> Perhaps all that is needed is for me to save a session with a terminal
> open? I presume that the fact that it currently has the password would not
> affect the new session, so that I would be asked immediately the session
> recovery was complete.
> Or is there a better way of doing it?  Perhaps something I could put
> into /etc/rc.d/rc.local?
One possibility would be to create an ssh keypair with ssh-keygen, and then 
add the public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the machine you are trying to 
connect to. If you choose to give the private key a password, you can then 
use ssh-add to cache it.

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