[kde-linux] strange behaviour of mouse buffers

Bill Wells hammer29 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 29 15:45:06 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 03:09 am, Bernt Christandl wrote:

I have noticed this same behavior in 3.4.2.  I thought it was me.   On many 
occasions , I have had to go to the clipboard and check the data I want to 

Bill Wells

> Hello,
> since i moved to kde-3.5.1 my mouse has "changed editing features"...
> In the past i selected something with the mouse ("cut", but without
> the delete part, in my case left mouse button) and it was put in again
> ("paste", in my case with the middle mouse button or wheel) -
> and that was that.
> Now, i have the "feeling" that's different whether i "cut" in from
> an xterm (or console) window or from within an application/editor
> and i can't really learn to get what i want with the first try.
> In fact, most often, when i try this cut and paste, in the paste-step
> i don't get the last string that was "cut", but some old remnants,
> usually from some editing "session".
> Has someone else seen this behaviour? Is this purpose? Or do i
> miss something? At least it's not really what i want, but how can
> i change it?
> With regards,
> Bernt Christandl
> BTW, i'm going on to kde352 "soon" in the hope that this a solved bug :)
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