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John Klingler john at jupiter.com
Mon Mar 27 19:51:44 UTC 2006

A further observation, none of the command line parameters mentioned 
below are effect when using Autostart to start xfishtank via a direct 
link using properties, regardless of what shows up in the process table. 
(Putting quotes around the command didn't help either.)

However, I created a shell script in the Autostart directory and that 
works correctly when I log in:

    exec /usr/bin/X11/xfishtank -b 64 -f 20 -d

Perhaps there is some more user-friendly way to add command parameters 
to an Autostart object without resorting to a script.


John Klingler wrote:

> Greetings KDE-ers,
> I created a program link in Autostart to start xfishtank. I then used 
> properties to add command line parameters so the entire command is 
> "xfishtank -b 64 -f 20 -d". I then logged out and logged back in. KDE 
> started xfishtank with the required parameters as shown by examining 
> the process table:
>     21989 john     S /home/john/.kde/Autostart/xfishtank -b 64 -f 20 -d
> However, the "-d" option, which clips the fish to run on the root 
> window background did not work. Instead, the background was opaque. 
> When I kill the process and restarted it from a kterm window, using 
> the exact same command line, it worked fine.
> Can anyone tell me why this happens?
> thanks,
> John
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