[kde-linux] Kontact/KMail Behaviour Differences

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Thu Mar 23 17:44:21 UTC 2006

On Thursday 23 March 2006 15:27, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:
> (snip)
> Why does KMail not remove all Deleted mail items on exit when it is invoked 
as part of Kontact?

Hi Merton,

Not sure is goes the same with your version of KMail (I have Suse 9.3)

Under Settings/Configure KMail/Accounts/Receiving Tab,
make sure you *didn't* check the option :
	"Leave fetched messages on the server"

> KMail is configured to remove all Deleted messages when I  quit KMail.
What does that mean ? How dou you know ? I have problems understanding you 
because I never encountered this option in KMail.
On my version I belive the messages are removed from the server as soon as I 
*download* them, but there is also an option to empty the trashcan 
automatically when I *quit* KMail.( under ..../Misc)

Perhaps the versions are indeed quite different after all.

Greetings		Perry

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