[kde-linux] Strange behavior with windows

twurgl at goodyear.com twurgl at goodyear.com
Thu Mar 23 16:05:20 UTC 2006

I have an application that needs to run remotely and be displayed back to my Linux machine (SuSE Enterprise 9.0, KDE 3.4.1),  This
program opens a window that has a vertical scroll bar on the right side.
The width of the scroll bar descreases each time I click on the down arrow until there is no scroll bar left.  If I grab a corner of
the window and resize it, all comes back as it was, then when I start clicking
again the thing starts shrinking again etc.

We do the same program from the same remote computer to an HP and it works properly. If I use TWM on the Linux instead of KDE, it
works properly.
So I am thinking it must be something in KDE?

Any thoughts about what might cause this and something that I can set or unset or something that would fix this up?

Thanks for any help!

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