[kde-linux] .Xauthority and $XAUTHORITY

James Bigler bigler at cs.utah.edu
Thu Mar 16 22:37:33 UTC 2006

I don't believe this is strictly KDE based, but perhaps someone might know.

I use the same home directory mounted on several linux machines.

If I log into X on one machine (call it machine1), it creates a 
$HOME/.Xauthority file.

If I log into X on a different machine (call it machine2) while I am 
still logged into machine1, machine2 will *over-write* machine1's 
.Xauthority file with its own.

I then log out of machine2 and go back to machine1 where I can no longer 
open new windows, because machine1's .Xauthority file is gone.

So I thought I would use the $XAUTHORITY environment variable to 
eliminate name collisions.

In my .cshrc file I do something like this:

setenv XAUTHORITY $HOME/.Xauthority-`hostname`

This almost produces the desired result.  I log in from the graphical 
login screen and KDE can't start, because a connection to the X server 
at :0.0 is refused.  In my home directory I see a newly created empty 
.Xauthority with no sign of .Xauthority-machine1.

OK, so if I change the init level to 3, log in, and startx it works like 
it should, and I see a new .Xauthority-machine1.

Any ideas why it doesn't work going from the graphical login (init 5)?


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