[kde-linux] Solved: OpenOffice2 integration

Bernt Christandl beb at MPA-Garching.MPG.DE
Tue Mar 14 15:57:06 UTC 2006


my thanks go to James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org>
who wrote:

> You have directory and MIME type information in two places.  You can try 
> setting the KDEDIRS environment variable to the list of directories just 
> like the PATH except that the KDEDIR must be the first one in the list. 
>     Or, you can replace the "KDEDIR/share" directory with a link to the 
> "/usr/share" directory {or some place else if your system is different}. 
>   Currently you will have stuff in your "KDEDIR/share" directory and 
> will need to copy it all to: "/usr/share"  first.


> But if you make the link, it should work without having to do anything.

And, yes, that was the solution to my problem.
Mainly, i didn't realize that there are TWO different environment
variables: KDEDIR and KDEDIRS :(

Now, i have KDEDIRS pointing first to KDEDIR and second to OpenOFfice2/share
and, like magic, things are working as for OpenOffice1 again.

With regards,

Bernt Christandl

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