[kde-linux] OpenOffice2 integration

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Mar 14 05:20:28 UTC 2006

Bernt Christandl wrote:
>> A possible problem might occur if you have installed KDE from source in 
>> its own directory (e.g. KDEDIR=/usr/kde).  Is this the case?
> Yes, we have installed KDE from source into its own directory.
> About what "possible problem" are you writing?

You have directory and MIME type information in two places.  You can try 
setting the KDEDIRS environment variable to the list of directories just 
like the PATH except that the KDEDIR must be the first one in the list. 
    Or, you can replace the "KDEDIR/share" directory with a link to the 
"/usr/share" directory {or some place else if your system is different}. 
  Currently you will have stuff in your "KDEDIR/share" directory and 
will need to copy it all to: "/usr/share"  first.

>> IIUC, KMail does not have its own MIME type associations, but rather 
>> uses what you have set up for Konqueror.  So, just set up the file 
>> association in the usual manner.
> I'm sorry, what is the "usual manner"?

Open the "File Associations" KFM either in the Control Center under "KDE 
Components", in Konqueror: "Settings -> Configure Konqueror", or right 
click an icon for that file type choose properties and click the small 
tools icon.

But if you make the link, it should work without having to do anything.


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