[kde-linux] "Board Games" menu group missing (reposting)

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Tue Mar 14 12:55:33 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 13:00, kde-linux-request at kde.org wrote:
> > There in all its glory in all logins but one. This is an older login and
> > ended up with a mix of old and newer style menu items. Recently, "Board
> > Games" was missing. Simply creating it, update-menus, restarting, et al,
> > has no effect since if I create it, it is "local" and not drawing on the
> > .desktop files for these games.
> >
> > How to fix?
> Clean house in that user account's "~/.kde/share/applnk/" directory
> tree.  You can start by renaming the "applnk" directory to "applnk.save"
> and restarting that user.  This will create a new (but empty) "applnk"
> directory.
> If this fixes the problem, check and see if you have some missing menu
> items.  If so, these will be apps that still use the old (non-XDG) menu
> entries.  Just copy them over from the "applnk.save" directory making
> new subdirectories as needed.

Give back everything before. The "new" applnk has only one directory: Games. 
This contains an empty Board games (how many times I have deleted this one 
which was the result of an attempt to get it back--simply keeps being 
restored!), a "kids games" which is from KDE and some wine-run Windows games 
which is what I added. All these have -# suffixes and the numbers are 
incremented if I delete them (or applnk) and retry.

Apparently all this stuff is restored from kickerrc. I tried getting rid of it 
there as well with no luck.

BTW, fooling with any of this leads to a harmless crash on restart.

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