[kde-linux] OpenOffice2 integration

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Mar 13 06:52:45 UTC 2006

Bernt Christandl wrote:
> Hello,
> i've searched the archives, but obviously i'm the only one who 
> could not solve this :(
> In the past when I've installed versions of OOo1 this installation 
> "automagically" was known to my KDE without me doing anything special.
> Now with OOo202 the install-"package" does "only" include several rpms,
> which i could install and then use without problems.
> But this is no longer automatically known to my KDE (3.5.1).
> I know how to edit KMenu, but now a collegue wants to
> know what he should do that KMail opens  OOo2-writer, if he clicks
> on such an attachment to his mail, which he claims worked for OOo1.
> I've seen the desktop-integration subdir, but we have a "hand-made"
> debian-based linux. From the "suse"-rpm i took the kde-icons and mimelnk 
> and copied them to our kde. But that was not enough.
> What did i miss?

Which package in the "desktop-integration" subdirectory did you install? 
IIUC, you should install ONLY ONE of these RPM packages.

This should work.  If you don't have Mandriva, Red-Hat, or SuSE, then 
install FreeDeskTop.

A possible problem might occur if you have installed KDE from source in 
its own directory (e.g. KDEDIR=/usr/kde).  Is this the case?

IIUC, KMail does not have its own MIME type associations, but rather 
uses what you have set up for Konqueror.  So, just set up the file 
association in the usual manner.

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