[kde-linux] Web Browser

Timothy King timothyking at charter.net
Thu Mar 9 14:18:03 UTC 2006

I've never used KDE 3.1 (started using linux with slackware 10.1) but in 
3.4.2 you can open up the control center, under KDE Components/Component 
Chooser you can set your default web browser. I usually just leave that 
set to the default but I always change the default mail client and  know 
it's in there. Sorry if this doesn't help for your version of kde, if it 
does woot :)

jim phelps wrote:
> Im using KDE 3.1 on RedHat 9.0
> Is there a way to change the default browser from Konqueror to Galeon?
> When I launch a URL from a Desktop icon, I want it to come up in
> Galeon, not Konqueror.
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> JimP
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