[kde-linux] Configure Panel empty!

Jason Mancini jayrusman at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 5 02:24:50 UTC 2006

>From: Bob Tennent
>Can anyone confirm that they *are* getting this phenomenon on a distro
>that *isn't* redhat-based?  Conjecture: redhat-menus is the culprit.

On Mandriva, it's not the "menu" package that is directly responsible for
the disappearance of the Panel Appearance tab, but the fact that they
package *two* /usr/lib/menu/kdebase-* files with the same "Title" inside.
Menu doesn't handle that.  I emailed the author.  He said so.

Depending on the order filesystem returns the files, the Panel may or
may not be missing.  Well that's MDV.


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