[kde-linux] Configure Panel empty!

Mark Ness mark at noneinc.us
Sat Mar 4 17:36:30 UTC 2006

Bob Tennent wrote:

> >|is your Panel config window actually empty (you said virtually) or
> >|does it have the taskbar config portion or some other config option?
>Kcontrol -> Desktop -> Panels has only the Help/Defaults etc buttons
>along the bottom. Right-click on the panel -> Configure Panel has only
>Taskbar configuration. And, as someone reported, no Control Center or
>Menu Edit in the K menu.
> >|it seems as though a very unlucky few have become befuddled with
> >|Panel problems over the last 9 months. Various distros, etc etc etc.
>Can anyone confirm that they *are* getting this phenomenon on a distro
>that *isn't* redhat-based?  Conjecture: redhat-menus is the culprit.
A friend of mind did the KDE-3.5.1 update on his FC4 box using the Fedora
updates-released repo and did NOT have this problem I know this doesn't 
much as far as confirming it is OS related but it ccould help to narrow the
problem down to kde-redhat repo AND, my problem only occured after doing
the redhat-menus update so your conjecture could be right.
I had to use kde-redhat because Fedora no longer supports updates for 
FC3 and
Legacy hadn't released andy KDE updates.

> >|Not observed with KDE 3.51 SUSE RPMs on SUSE Linux 10.0.
>Note that *not* observing it for particular users means nothing; other
>KDE users on *my* system don't have the problem. Some configuration
>choices are involved.
>Bob T.
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