[kde-linux] Installing a printer under Knoppix 3.9

Tony Bloomfield tonyb.lx at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 30 13:23:24 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 14:24, Ludovic Marchetti wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am a new Linux user and I am testing the above Knoppix 3.9 with Kernel
> 2.6.11 and KDE 3.4.
> I cannot install any printer as I keep getting failure messages.
> If I go: Control center --> Peripherals --> Printers
> "Initializing manager"
> -->
> "Unable to retrieve the printer list. Error message received from manager:
> Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS server is correctly
> installed and running. Error: connection refused."
I would assume that the CUPS server is not running. With most Linux distros, 
this server would be started automatically if a printer is detected.

What does the command 'ps -ef|grep cups' in a Terminal/Konsole session tell 



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