[kde-linux] How can I prevent right-clicking on the KDE menuicon?

VANESSE Daniel dvanesse at namsa.nato.int
Fri Jun 16 06:14:09 UTC 2006

Hello Kevin,

Allow me to clarify my request. We have installed Fedora FC4 and KDE 3.5
on laptops used by our engineer as tool for performing maintenance task
on complex electro-mechanical equipment. In order to prevent these
people to use the laptop for another purpose, I have heavily customized
KDE so they can not change anything in their desktop configuration (no
access to shell, no right-click on the desktop, icons locked, customized
menus, no access to Konqueror, ...). However, I found by chance that, by
right-clicking the start menu icon, one could still access some
configuration function and mess-up the system. I am now looking for a
way to prevent that. As the laptops have been sent to the users Europe
wide, I need to find what option I must set in which configuration file
( in the .kde directoty ? ) and then send the users an update CD ( we
have setup a standard update script that is launched from the desktop).


Daniel Vanesse

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On Thursday 15 June 2006 15:33, VANESSE Daniel wrote:
> Hi,
> does anybody know how to configure a user environment (KDE 3.5) to 
> prevent right-clicking on the menu icon from the task bar? I would 
> like NOT to use the Kiosk tools but distribute a patched configuration

> file instead.

Hmm, Kiosk is just a changed default configuration entry, but perhaps I
misunderstanding your requirements.


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