[kde-linux] KDE 3.5.3 Printing Problem

William Bradley wbradley at w3connex.ca
Wed Jun 7 16:31:55 UTC 2006


My printer is a Lexmark Optra EP "postscript" printer, on Kubuntu Dapper 
(6.10) and KDE 3.5.3. This postscript printer has worked successfully on 
two or three editions of Mandrake, two or three editions of Suse and is 
currently working fine on Suse 10. Finally it also worked on Libranet 
and also worked on Kubuntu until I upgraded to "Breezy (5.10)". It then 
began printing gibberish on one line at the top of each page. I looked 
in Kubuntu archives and there seemed to be some sort of a problem but I 
let it go as Dapper (6.10)was close to being released.


A few days ago I updated to Kubuntu Dapper (6.10) with KDE 3.53 and went 
to install the printer, without any success at all.

1. When trying to install as a user and chose the "Optra EP" driver, it 
told me that it was not there or I did not have permission to install it.
2. Repeated the above and chose "Postscript Printer" and it gave the 
same answer as the above in "1".
3. Repeated the above as the "Administrator" and got the same answers.
4. Then I repeated as the "Administrator" and tried the "Optra EP 
Postscript" driver and it loaded OK. "Test" page printed as gibberish on 
one line across the top of each page. This driver works fine on Suse 10.
5. Tried a regular document after "4" above and got the same result.

So now I am in the position of writing stuff that I want to print on the 
Suse machine or Windows. Fortunately I am retired and do not have to 
print much anymore but it is a frustration that I would like to solve.

If anyone can help me with the above I would really appreciate it.

Thank  you,


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