[kde-linux] Building KDE 3.5.3 with Konstruct

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jun 7 13:03:38 UTC 2006

Building it right now without much ado. Maybe start over, clean.

Getting loads of warning of unused and unitialized stuff in "soap". Seems that 
this should be a bit cleaner :-)

PS: Once more I needed to edit one of the kernel headers. You may run into 
something like

#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include ...
#include ...

In some places. I got errors in an input.h. Missing typedef of kernel_ulong_t 
and #define of its number of bits. These are apparently set in the first 
bunch of includes but not the second. Put them there myself. You may need to 
tailor to your system if you are doing 64-bits.

Placed before the #endif:
typedef unsigned long kernel_ulong_t;
#define BITS_PER_LONG 32

This may not be the absolutely correctist place to do it but enables the 
compilations to proceed!

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