[kde-linux] how to switch keyboard layout via ALT+SHIFT

Dan Duris dusoft at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 22:32:13 UTC 2006

I wanted to announce bug, but the bug database of KDE is down.

I am having problems with using keyboard shortcut for keyboard
changing layout in KDE. nothing works, it seems to me that this part
is absolutely buggy andf not working.

going via accessiblity options -> keyb. shortcuts -> global shortc. ->
keyb. layout switch -> custom -> pressing ALT+SHIFT displays
"ALT+ISO_prev_group" (WTF is that???)
 accessiblity options -> kayb. layout -> xkb options  -> alt+shift
changes group checked

however after pressing ALT+SHIFT nothing works, keyboard layout is not changed.

KDE tries to be friendly and mostly is, but in keyboard management it
fails absolutely. for me as  a user from windows and using linux only
for 7+ months, this is terrible usability experience.

Daniel Duris
dusoft at gmail.com

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