[kde-linux] Using KWallet

Felix Karpfen felixk at webone.com.au
Mon Jun 5 21:16:15 UTC 2006

On Sun, 04 Jun 2006 18:23:22 +0200, Bram Schoenmakers wrote
(<200606041823.28597.bramschoenmakers at kde.nl>):

> The first time an app tries to save a password, a wizard will appear. Here you 
> can choose to enable the wallet, or save the passwords insecure. In the first 
> case, you need to enter a master password as well.

I believe this is the answer.

I was asked for a password and supplied one.

That must have been the "master password" because I could only find
kdewallet when I looked.  This wallet could not be opened. However,
prompted by with the above answer, I selected the "change password option".

That notified that I had requested to open kdewallet.

Which leaves the initial problem unanswered.  What triggered the "KWallet"
routine when the task was to remove an entry from the print-queue.  I
suspect that I should have been "root" to make such a request.  But
encouraging me to use KWallet seems to be the wrong response.

As you may deduce, I am a recent arrival at KDE.

My thanks to you and to "Pollywog" for the advice.

Felix Karpfen
Felix Karpfen

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