[kde-linux] konsole - window title

T E Schmitz mailreg at numerixtechnology.de
Mon Jul 31 22:24:57 UTC 2006

David J Iannucci wrote:
> I have also noted some strangeness in how window titles are set, but it
> never bothered me enough to try to track it down :-) I presume you've

I usually have several terminals open to half a dozen machines, each 
with their own colour scheme (don't want to shut down the wrong one!).
Once you've got a taskbar full of terminals it's pretty useless if they 
all start with tarlika at ... rest invisible. ;-)

> messed around in Settings > Configure Konsole > Session?  If that hasn't
> worked, maybe you should look at all your environment variables and see

As Tobias suggested, unsetting $PROMPT_COMMAND does the trick.

> One thing I'd like to do is to stop Konsole from adding "No. 2", "No.
> 3", etc if I open up new sessions with names the same as an existing
> session. I'd just like them all to have identical names (as irrational
> as this may seem to some :-)  Anyone know how to do this?

Yep, I'd like that too!


Regards, Tarlika

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