[kde-linux] KDE desktop <--> console

Felix Karpfen felixk at webone.com.au
Mon Jul 31 20:43:28 UTC 2006

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 09:46:03 +1200, John Layt wrote
(<200607300946.03430.john at layt.net>):

> On Sunday 30 July 2006 09:30, Felix Karpfen wrote:
>> Currently the KDE desktop is loaded by default in my Debian 3.1
>> environment and everything works well.
>> However, there are occasions when I need to work from the
>> command-line (e.g. for new installs that might clash with existing
>> loaded files).
>> I have found that "Ctrl+Alt+F1" gets me to the console.  But how do I
>> get back to the KDE desktop?
>> Felix Karpfen
> Depending on your distro, you may have several virtual consoles assigned to 
> the keys Ctrl-Alt-F1 to Ctrl-Alt-F6, with Ctrl-Alt-F7 always being the 
> virtual console from which KDM/X11 has been launched.  Very handy if you are 
> switching between users when X is down.
> Or you could try running Konsole which gives you a console within KDE with all 
> the configurability you'd expect from a KDE app, it even has tabbed sessions.

Thank you (and the other respondents) for the prompt reply.

I had a hazy recollection the first half of the "F" keys opened
virtual consoles the the second half accessed XWindows.

But the keyboard (and every other item in the computer) has changed since
I started using them (more than 16 years ago). Keyboards no longer make do
with just 10 F-keys; I tried "Ctrl+Alt+F6"- and, not surprisingly, failed. 

I do make full use of "Konsole" and it does all that I need for my routine

But I worry about the programs that are running in the background (and
doing what they should) when I upgrade an existing Debian package.  While
Debian is very good in protecting me from self-inflicted injuries, I
prefer not to push my luck and run upgrades from the console.

Kind regards 


Felix Karpfen

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