[kde-linux] Konqueror stealing URI

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Jul 26 01:33:52 UTC 2006

Phil wrote:
> I am running KDE 3.5 on Debian testing.
> I have configured KDE to use Firefox as the default web browser, 
> however, when I click on a URI in an email message in Thunderbird, 
> Konqueror grabs the URL, tries to download the web page and then directs 
> Firefox to open the saved page. If Konqueror is successful at 
> downloading the page, it does open in Firefox. But it is just the saved 
> file, not the actual web page.
> How do I get Konqueror to let go my URI?
> Also, I can not get KDE to start Thunderbird as my default email 
> software. How to I get this to happen. I would like to be able to click 
> on an email address and have Thunderbird start with the "compose" page 
> active.
> Hmmm, shades of Microsoft...

The problem is that we don't yet have a standard way to configure MIME 
type to application link.

So, you will have to configure in more than one place to get your 
DeskTop to do what you want.

There is no such thing in KDE as a "Web Browser" (actually most apps 
considered to be "Web Browsers" will also browse your local file system) 
and we have no way to configure different MIME associations based on the 
protocol being used.  Except that for "http" & "https" you can choose to 
start the URL in a specified Browser.

Your specific problem with URLs can probably be cured by, in the Control 
Center going to:

	KDE Components -> Component Chooser

There you can select some default components to be used when running the 
KDE DeskTop.

Select: "Web Browser" and choose the "in the following browser" option 
in the radio and select your browser in the box.  Note that this will 
ONLY affect URLs that start with "http://" or "https://".  Other URLs 
will still be opened in Konqueror if selected from a KDE application. 
Also note that when these URLs open in Firefox that you must select the 
MIME type association in Firefox.

After you do this, you will probably want to undo the changes you made 
to the KDE File Association for: "text/html".  That is, if you have an 
HTML file on your system, you probably want it to open in Konqueror as 
the default.

In the same place in the Control Center, you can also select your 
default "email client".  This will determine what KDE applications do 
with a "mailto:" URL.

Now other non-KDE applications will (probably) not use these setting and 
must be configured separately.  The XDG project is working on 
standardizing these things and if the developers can stop fighting about 
it, it may happen eventually.


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