[kde-linux] Using Konqueror tabs, missing time zones, docs showing up twice in lists, resources for newbie?

hugh hugh at apocalypse.org
Sat Jul 22 21:55:07 UTC 2006

Andrew - thanks for the response. I think it may be something odd about 
my distribution. I do have a number of files in zoneinfo:

ls /usr/share/zoneinfo
Adelaide   GMT-1      GMT+11     GMT-2      GMT+4      GMT-7      GMT+9
Calcutta   GMT+1      GMT-12     GMT+2      GMT-5      GMT+7      Lord_Howe
Cocos      GMT-10     GMT+12     GMT-3      GMT+5      GMT-8      UTC
GMT-0      GMT+10     GMT-13     GMT+3      GMT-6      GMT+8
GMT+0      GMT-11     GMT-14     GMT-4      GMT+6      GMT-9

but only UTC shows up to KDE. I am also unclear as to what these files 
consist of... they seem to be binary, or so I think, but then how are 
they created, why are they binary? I thought they were just simple rules 
set in text files until just now when I actually looked. Looks like I 
have some more exploring to do before I even know what question to ask, 
assuming I don't find the answer as I look.


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