[kde-linux] Kcontrol, Kinfocenter no module listing

Andy kdelinux at linuxide.org
Tue Jul 11 19:22:14 UTC 2006

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Andy wrote:
>> Hi
>> After installing and using Kiosk, I no longer have any modules listed in
>> kcontrol, kinfocenter and kcontroledit. ( left panel). But all modules
>> are now listed as menu items in "Lost & Found" in the main menu.
>> I tested  a few  users and  all users on this system have lost  the
>> module listings.  I  verified the obvious ( c below) but might have
>> easily missed something as this was the first time I took a closer look
>> at this. Any help or pointers are highly appreciated.
>> - The environment variables $XDG_CONFIG_xxxx / DATA are all empty. ( I
>> am running FC5), So I assume the the directories below are the    
>> default once.
> FYI, the latest updates kde packages for fc5 *do* define $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS

I just upgraded to KDE 3.5.3 :) and yes it's set now. But it really
doesn't matter as KDE just assumes the defaults. I have to check the
documentation, but I think /etc/xdg is the default path anyway.

I fixed my problem a few days ago, by using the recovery DVD that came
with my system.

> -- Rex
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