[kde-linux] Backup - 'Keep'

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Jul 8 16:11:16 UTC 2006

Using suse10, I discovered the Keep app, it promised to be brilliant
and just what I was looking for. However, I cannot get it apparently
to work reliably. As a novice I used the gui to set a backup going as
daily, but later realised it was happening each hour. It was also set
to delete after 7 days, yet the Keep restore log did not display the
most recent couple of days.

The log file itself *did* show these.

I used the suse guru repository for the app initially, and it installs
version (via suse yast installer)
0.3.0-2.guru.suse100   i686

I would be grateful for comments.
Is keep widely used, should I be expecting it to work ok with suse?

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