[kde-linux] Kcontrol, Kinfocenter no module listing

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 11 12:01:48 UTC 2006

andre wrote:
> well, I didn't figure out what the cause was but I know that it is
> related to the menus stored in /etc/xdg
> I had a Mondo recovery DVD ( came with my HTPC system :) and after
> restoring /etc/xdg and deleting the users .local and .kde directories
> everything came back to normal.
> thx &re
> Andy wrote:
>> Hi
>> After installing and using Kiosk, I no longer have any modules listed in
>> kcontrol, kinfocenter and kcontroledit. ( left panel). But all modules
>> are now listed as menu items in "Lost & Found" in the main menu.
>> I tested  a few  users and  all users on this system have lost  the
>> module listings.  I  verified the obvious ( c below) but might have
>> easily missed something as this was the first time I took a closer look
>> at this. Any help or pointers are highly appreciated.
>> - The environment variables $XDG_CONFIG_xxxx / DATA are all empty. ( I
>> am running FC5), So I assume the the directories below are the    
>> default once.
>> -The desktop files for the modules are all correctly located in :
>>   /usr/share/applications/kde
>> - I can run a kinfocenter module with kcmshell without problems :
>>   kcmshell ioports.desktop
>> - The kiosk configuration files are located in
>>   /etc/kde-profile/default
>> - The active profile is "default" and the correct groups are assigned to
>> the default profile
>>    user, root
>> - Executing "kcmshell -list"  returns no modules at all.
>> - All the modules for kcontrol and  kinfocenter (so) are correctly
>> located in their default directory
>> - adding new modules to kcontrol with kcontroledit does not work. I can
>> save the new module list, but when I open kcontrol or kcontroledit again
>> none of the modules I added are listed.
>> I am stuck on this, and I am sure I missed something. The fact the the
>> modules are now listed in the main menu under lost & found, appears to
>> indicate that the menus  got  corrupted. But the kconfig (kcontrol)
>> module specification does not list any other configuration files or menu
>> entries etc.. other then the once I verified.

Glad to hear you got it fixed.

The XML menu file and extensions are in:


Think of these files as templates since they don't contain any menu 
items, but only the structure of the menu.

Then in:

	$PREFIX/share/applications/ {or a subdirectory}

are the menu entries in 'desktop' files.  These are placed in the menu 
structure based on the: "Categories=" entry in the 'desktop' file.

So, what happens is that if you have menu entry 'desktop' files with 
Categories that aren't in a "*.menu" file, they wind up in "Lost & Found".

What happened was that when you installed the Kiosk package the file:


was overwritten.  Probably because they figured you would want a simpler 
menu with Kiosk.  That is a bad assumption because it doesn't remove 
items from the menu, they just wind up in lost and found.  If you don't 
want any account to have access to menu entries, remove the 'desktop' 
file, but I don't recommend that.

Also note that the submenus also have 'desktop' files in:



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