[kde-linux] Kcontrol, Kinfocenter no module listing

andre andre at linuxide.org
Sun Jul 9 01:23:51 UTC 2006

well, I didn't figure out what the cause was but I know that it is
related to the menus stored in /etc/xdg
I had a Mondo recovery DVD ( came with my HTPC system :) and after
restoring /etc/xdg and deleting the users .local and .kde directories
everything came back to normal.

thx &re

Andy wrote:
> Hi
> After installing and using Kiosk, I no longer have any modules listed in
> kcontrol, kinfocenter and kcontroledit. ( left panel). But all modules
> are now listed as menu items in "Lost & Found" in the main menu.
> I tested  a few  users and  all users on this system have lost  the
> module listings.  I  verified the obvious ( c below) but might have
> easily missed something as this was the first time I took a closer look
> at this. Any help or pointers are highly appreciated.
> - The environment variables $XDG_CONFIG_xxxx / DATA are all empty. ( I
> am running FC5), So I assume the the directories below are the    
> default once.
> -The desktop files for the modules are all correctly located in :
>   /usr/share/applications/kde
> - I can run a kinfocenter module with kcmshell without problems :
>   kcmshell ioports.desktop
> - The kiosk configuration files are located in
>   /etc/kde-profile/default
> - The active profile is "default" and the correct groups are assigned to
> the default profile
>    user, root
> - Executing "kcmshell -list"  returns no modules at all.
> - All the modules for kcontrol and  kinfocenter (so) are correctly
> located in their default directory
> - adding new modules to kcontrol with kcontroledit does not work. I can
> save the new module list, but when I open kcontrol or kcontroledit again
> none of the modules I added are listed.
> I am stuck on this, and I am sure I missed something. The fact the the
> modules are now listed in the main menu under lost & found, appears to
> indicate that the menus  got  corrupted. But the kconfig (kcontrol)
> module specification does not list any other configuration files or menu
> entries etc.. other then the once I verified.
> thx andy
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