[kde-linux] Qt application blocks KDE panel

Ben Singer bnsngr7 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 5 11:22:05 UTC 2006

I have rather large Qt based application and
when it blocks event loop ,for example 
executing some function in main GUI thread, 
KDE's panel/taskbar/pager become 
non-responding as if they share event loop with 
my application. It happens with both Qt3 and Qt4 
on RedHat9 and on CentOS-4.3 ( I didn't try 
other Linux distros). I was not abble to reproduce 
it in small example but in my application it happens. 
I admit that it sounds very very weird but may be 
you have some idea how such thing can probably 
happen. It is not CPU load issue. It happens even 
if I do sleep in my app's slot. And other parts of KDE 
are not affected by it, only its panel

best regards

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