[kde-linux] KDE screensaver and monitor blanking

Dale dalek at exceedtech.net
Thu Dec 21 09:07:06 UTC 2006


I have a question.  I don't usually log out of KDE when I am done or
going to bed.  I have it set up to go to screen saver then turn the
monitor off after a while longer.  My question is this, when the monitor
turns off, does the screen saver continue to run or is it cut off too? 
In other words, is the screen saver using CPU cycles or does it  get
stopped as well?

I ask this because I run folding.  The screen saver I use also takes up
some CPU time.  I don't want the screen saver running and taking up CPU
time while I am running folding if the monitor has powered off.

Just not sure how to find a answer to this one.  I can't start top and
then let the monitor cut off and hit q on the keyboard because it will
pick up on that when waking back up.  Thought someone may have a answer.



:-)  :-)  :-)  :-)

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