[kde-linux] How to add KMix to KDE panel?

Unga unga888 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 02:14:08 UTC 2006

--- Mark Ness <mark at noneinc.us> wrote:

> I have deleted the previous posts in this thread so
> forgive me if I'm 
> not understanding correctly.
> If you want kmix applet in the system tray (next to
> clock), open kmix 
> and go to settings and
> configure kmix and select dock into panel. This will
> add the applet to 
> the tray.
> If you want it on the panel, just right click the
> panel select panel 
> menu -> add application to
> panel -> multimedia -> kmix and you'll have a
> starter on the panel.
> Personally I like the applet in the system tray. You
> can hover the 
> pointer over it and scroll the
> volume or click to raise a volume control with a
> mixer link on the 
> bottom or that control. With
> application starter, ALL you can do is start the
> mixer. No volume scroll 
> on hover


Thanks for the mail. Actually what I'm trying to do is
to automate what you are saying. That is, when a new
user is introduced, once he/she logs in, the KMix to
available automatically right next to clock, so that
he see it if it is muted or how to increase or
decrease the volume from the previous settings without
any complain.


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