[kde-linux] KDE and Homedirs on network share.

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Dec 12 19:41:39 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 19:17, Jiří Červenka wrote:
> Well,
> I can use windows as NFS server (using SFU) but I do not want to. I
> think it is too unsecure for my purposes.

Unsecure in the meaning of encryption?

Hmm, I think there is a variant or version of NFS that can do encryption, 
however it might be easier to just use a VPN tunnel from the Unix machines to 
the server.

> But if you point me to some secure solution using NFS I would be very
> grateful and I´ll try it, because I want to allow my users to use KDE..
> I was really happy when I managed to use pam_winbind and pam_mount with
> cifs for authetization and mounting homedirs. It really works very nice.
> Is there really no chance to make KDE work with cifs?

According to Peter it seems to be rather a limitation of the CIFS server than 
CIFS itself.


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