[kde-linux] KDE introduces pauses during DVD playing

Paulo J. Matos pocm at soton.ac.uk
Mon Dec 4 18:44:44 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm guessing that some KDE component or KDE itself are interfering
with DVD playing.
This is because I've been in the last few days, trying to find a
reason (and blaming xine itself) due to pauses in DVD reproduction
either using xine-ui or kaffeine. However, using xine-ui under E16
results in no pauses at all... everything is smooth. If I logout and
enter KDE I also enter the realm of pauses. Well, I'm quite surprised.
I really don't know when this started but it wasn't always like this.
It could well be when I upgraded to 3.5.5 but I cannot be sure.

I would like comments on ideas to figure out what is happening, what
could interfere with DVD playing or pause the system at all.


Paulo Jorge Matos - pocm at soton.ac.uk
PhD Student @ ECS
University of Southampton, UK

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